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The Weather Project 

grew out of my time spent when I lived at 400 Bank Street, New London, CT.   

It was me, my cat Rumi, and of course the neighbors lingering aroma of asian and italian spices.. 
Enduring a leg and knee injury, recovery was slow,  I was confined to a wheelchair for several weeks and for 3 months was housebound. 
I made the best of it by recording in photos the view from my expansive 3rd floor window to the outside world.

The Thames River and the Amtrak train tracks directly  was in my line of sight and if I looked to my my left  I could see a sliver of  Bank Street the Fire Department on the left and the right the Ravi convenience store.

The sounds of the bagpipes  practicing at the small square on Bank Street.. to the train whistle that  kept me company day and night. After a while  I started to know the different train-person's style of announcing her/his approach to the New London train station. 

From a long loud blast to several staccato ear piercing  blasts favorite, those mellow round tones of that sounded melodic to me.
The Cross Island Ferry was a welcoming 

sight reminiscent of happy excursions to Long Island.
The fog horn, I equated with safety and in stark contrast the sound of the Long Island Harbor Bell hanging from a hook on my  balcony,  sounded ominous and created a sense of dread in me.
I'm grateful for those experiences,  because it made me even more sensitive and acutely aware of my  environment and the many sounds and smells that filtered through my apartment.
The best part, it's proven to be the vehicle that drove me deeper into a world filled with sensory and auditory excitement I would have not experienced.  That gave rise to my recent observations and body of work.


Weather Project Photos you see on  are  14" x 16" and will arrive not matted or framed.